Hello and welcome to My name is Phillip and I grew up as a military brat.  I can remember as a young child looking at a photo of my older sister holding my mom’s hand at a zoo while she was pregnant with yours truly. The photo was taken in France while my Dad was stationed in Germany for the first time in 1974. I recollect my parents and my sister talking about all the fun things they used to do before I was born, and places they used to travel. It used to get under my skin hearing their stories because I didn’t get to experience all the fun things with them. In 1977 I was born and my father received orders to return back to the states before I had the opportunity to see and enjoy my birthplace.

After we returned to the states (Texas) my parents didn’t travel much other than the occasional summer trip to take my sister and me to visit our grandparents and other family members in South Carolina. I remember looking through an old photo album wondering what it was like to travel and explore all the places my family had the opportunity to visit.

As I grew up I had a map I put on my bedroom wall, where I would place thumbtacks in all the locations that I wanted to visit. My best friend and I used to tell each other stories of how we would travel the world and visit many historical landmarks and enjoy the festivities in interesting places. I always thought it was cool to dream and imagined what it would be like to see the places I became fascinated with in magazines, books and movies.

At the age of nineteen I joined the Air Force and began a new mission.  Fifteen years later and all grown up I have been around the globe and had the chance to stop into some cool places. I feel like I’m just beginning to open the door to new parts of the world. While I live in Turkey I invite you to experience some of my past travels along with some of my planned new journeys.


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  1. oceanboundsadventures

    Being a Brat myself i really enjoyed reading this bio of you. I too, like your sister, was able to travel a lot with my dad, who was in the Air Force. My sister, like yourself, did get to live in Thailand but she was very young and says she doesn’t remember any of it. Then my dad was sent back to the states and we never went over seas again so she never got to experience the traveling as I did. I hope you get to fulfill your dreams of traveling to those places. Once that travel bug hits you it never lets you go 🙂 Good luck and happy travels – Lisa

    • Thank you very much. I enjoyed reading your blog. You inspire me to want to get out more and continue to see more of what the world has to offer.

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