After I arrived in Germany I felt like a kid in a candy store when it came to having a place to travel and things to do. The eight pounds I gained in the short span of time can be attributed to the great tasting beers and awesome food they have available. I couldn’t complain about the cost to portion size because the places I ate always seemed to make sure you walked in and crawled out from all the food they piled on your plate. Here is an experience I had at Big Emma’s. Great food, great company and great beers!

Big Emma’s was the name I kept hearing as the weekend drew close and people were making decisions on where they wanted to go grab a bite eat. When someone says their hungry and wants to grab a bite to eat you would think, maybe a burger and fries, or in this case a beer and a brat right. Not at BIG EMMA’S……… I thought it would be a good idea to do some homework and check this place out first and all I could find online was “go with an appetite.”

This was a first time experience for three of the people I went with and for the fourth person (the veteran) this was the first time he was going to take the challenge. I decided that I would order lite since I wasn’t sure what we were going to get do later in the night, so for starters the rookies and I ordered a small salad, small cheese burgers and a pint of beer. The vet looked at the waitress and told her to “bring it!” as he nodded his head and confidence in his eyes.  She must have known what he was talking about because she wrote something down on her pad and walked away.

We were the first group of people to arrive so I really didn’t know what to expect. As I waited the waitress brought our salads to the table and the veteran looked at us and said in a laughing tone “is that it, because it’s about to go down for me.” Still unsure what he was talking about we began eating our salads. Shortly after a slab of hog battered and sautéed with a rich and flavorful looking red gravy was delivered to the veteran. “Now that what I’m talking about” he  blurted out in a loud voice and with big smile” He turned his head to the side as he peered at us and said “fellas, this is the schnitzel you can’t forget.”  This thing was huge and hanging off the plate, and next to it rested some tasty steaming hot home fries seasoned to perfection.  Gazing at his plate he stared this thing down as if he was putting together a strategy of attack, and he began the assault.

Minutes later three pints of beer showed up and the waitress told the veteran that his was on the way. “ I hope your thirsty” was mumbled as she walked away. He was able to catch her before she could get to far and he told her once again……. “Bring-IT.”

Two waitresses carried a huge three liter glass of beer to the table that took up as much space as his schnitzel. Phase two of the assault started and almost two hours later the schnitzel, fries and over three quarters of the beer was gone. Even with all the food the vet took in, he was no match for the sweet nectar that came from the massive beer glass. Standing victorious at the end was the vet and his glass. He did manage to stand up and announced to the entire restaurant that he did it and they all applauded him as if he won the war. This was a good time out with friends. The car ride back to our room was just as interesting as the entire trip. Check out the pics of our small burgers and let me know what you think. If you’re in Germany check out BIG EMMA’s.

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