Surpise Kids !

Being a father is one of the true blessings that God gives us throughout life. As a father I have always tried to do my best to provide for my kids as well as give them experiences that create positive memories for life. Anything from home projects, planting flowers, fishing, camping, road trips and more are the things I do to keep things interesting around the house. I have two girls, and a boy that are the most awesome kids you would every meet. I have my kids full time during the summers and holiday’s and try to fit the most into maximizing their experience during that time.

One summer I thought I’d do something special. In doing some research I made a visit to the local travel agent for some assistance and ideas on our next family adventure. I didn’t want to do Disney World because we had already been there; I wanted to keep it within a price range that wouldn’t break the bank. I wanted to be near a beach because during the school year they don’t travel much and there’s not a beach close by where they live. We had been to Myrtle Beach quite a few times as well as clear water beach in Florida once, and even though my kids would have loved the idea of going there I wanted to try something new. After a long conversation with the agent she helped me find the best trip that would create a memory of a lifetime.

Meanwhile, my kids were in Texas with their mother going to school and getting ready for the summer. I decided to call her to inform her of my plans and she became excited for them. She held onto the information not letting it leak out so it would be a great surprise for all of them. She made sure they would have the correct attire for the trip. I called and spoke with the kids throughout the week and give my oldest hints of us taking a trip somewhere. She tried hard to pry it out of me, but I never gave in.

After I booked the trip I took three envelops and placed their tickets in each with their name on it. I made sure the itinerary and all the information was in each envelop so they would be excited once they opened their surprise.  Soon the day came for them to arrive and I picked them up from the airport and we were on our way back to my house. It was an hour and a half drive where my kids tried to trick me into telling them where I was going to take them. I kept changing the subject to avoid giving it away, but my oldest was to smart and kept digging. As I drove we finally arrived at our house and I asked them to put their clothes away as I prepared food from them.

The travel agency did a great job of providing information and even gave me a video of our destination. I made sure all that information was secure from my little investigators just in case they decided to go into my room.  After dinner was done we sat down in the living room, when I decided to put the DVD into the player to let them know where we were going. I told them that the surprise was on the video. As I pressed play they began watching the video and after they realized the location my oldest had a smile on her face that could light up the room. “WE’RE GOING TO THE BAHAMAS!”  They got excited to hear that they were going on their first cruise which was a place they could only have dreamed of in the past.  After all the excitement slowed down I handed them their tickets and they got excited again.

As a father it has always been a dream to be able to travel to new places with my kids and show them the world. My heart was pumping so hard with excitement that I wanted to cry. The memories that were created from that moment are priceless.  We later set voyage on a trip filled with great food, a ton of fun and loads of memories.

I already have plans in motion for our next adventure, See ya next time.

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