Paradise in Turkey

Shortly after arriving in Turkey I met some people who enjoyed taking weekend adventures. The buzz was going around that they found paradise on the western cost of Turkey. They promoted this place enough to catch my interest resulting in me booking a trip for Four days and three nights in a place called Bodrum.

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Turkey offers some pretty irresistible and inexpensive mini vacations where all the accommodations are inclusive with air fare, food, drink and entertainment; the only thing we had to do was get to the airport. We took off on Turkish airlines where we were served some tasty snacks and wine free of charge. The landing was a tad rough but everyone was alive and ready for their feet to touch the ground.

We caught a cab that took us along the coast where breath taking views could be seen  at night with twinkling lights beating off the reflection of the water. The white Greek style buildings stood out in the darkness as if the town under the lights that highlighted the structures. We snaked our way through town until we reached our destination where we were met by hotel staff. The hotel sat along the beach off the Mediterranean and stood at the top of a hill where the guests were given a view of the skyline. At night the stars were bright and the lights were clear. You could hear music coming from cabanas on the beach and people were dressed to impress while they eagerly awaited the nightlife.

After checking in we hit the streets hard and watched the streets fill with people from all over Turkey and Europe. I met people from Germany, Swaziland, Italy, and other places. It was jam packed and people were still showing up to party. The clubs were at max capacity and the night was just beginning. The bouncers at the club were friendly but didn’t take any foolishness from anyone. After making friends with the bouncers my buddy was given a name tag and allowed to work the ropes………….(that’s a whole story within its self). The night was fun!

The next morning I went to breakfast while my friends were recuperating from their extended night out on the town. I was met by a large selection of Turkish breakfast treats begging for me to try them. All the traditional foods were on the menu to include a European mix in the flavor. Tables with umbrellas were set up outside so people could enjoy the warm weather. Guests woke up early to claim their spot by the pool where they bathed in the sun and worked on their tan.

After breakfast I thought it would be a good idea to check out the town and shoot some pictures. Knocking on my buddy’s room they were still in la-la land as the time rounded close to nine thirty. I let them sleep and took off into town. Getting around in Bodrum was easy and inexpensive, for around a dollar fifty you can ride into the center of town and experience shopping, food, sights and much more. After spending a few hours around town I decided to head back to check up on my friends. They were just waking up. Apparently I was the old man calling it a night around midnight and they partied until the sun came back up. Considering it was lunch time we decided to grab some food as they rehydrated and I tried everything on the buffet. After they finished they went back to sleep and I took a trip to the private beach owned by the hotel. The sight was amazing and I couldn’t believe my friends were missing it. The water was so clear you could see the bottom. I dove in and swam with the little fish under the pier. The water was warm and everyone was enjoying their self.

The weekend continued in this fashion as it made for a relaxing weekend in the sun, good food and entertainment. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served with snacks in between. Spa treatments, Turkish baths, messages, professional photographers are available. I took full advantage of all the amenities offered on site which made me forget about anything that didn’t matter. Later we went downtown and visited a castle and scoped out what nightlife spots we wanted to return to later.

Our last night we decided that we would dress to impress, take in the show at the hotel (belly dancer) then check out Club Catamaran which was on a ship with a glass bottom boat. This is a pretty cool club, but very pricy. The entry fee was free since we made friends with the DJ, but to sit at a table would cost around two hundred dollars. We found some uncomfortable seats then decided to leave. The marina where the Catamaran is docked has many other night clubs where the cost is lower and you can have just as much fun while taking in the sights. The trip was great and when all said and done I was ready to take on the world again !

I’d suggest booking a trip to Bodrum if you’re looking for a great nightlife or even an intimate getaway for two. I’d like to go back, but this time I plan on taking someone special. Check out the pics and let me hear from you! See you on the next weekend getaway !

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