Food, Fun and Carpets

Over the course of my travels I have made many friends. One thing I’ve discovered and appreciate is the hospitality of the business owners that I have grown to know along with learning their passion in what they do. I made a lifetime friend named Vedat who owns Dreamland Carpet and has a passion for teaching people about his culture and his business.

Vedat owns the number one carpet shop in his area and is the envy amongst his peers. He enjoys helping others learn how carpets are made as well as how they fit not just into his culture, but how they can fit into any persons culture around the world. He taught me how they earn value over time and can be passed onto generations and beyond. I was pretty excited about this because I have three children of my own.  Vedat also taught me how these priceless heirlooms have more meaning than what the eyes have to show.  Some of these carpets tell stories while others can be used for special occasions.

Vedat is laid back and an educated man that truly wants those who meet him to walk away with the feeling of making a new friend for life. He and his family will invite you into their life and share some of the best food you will ever taste and you will also hear stories about some of his travels.

I attended a party where he shared food prepared by his father and educated his new friends about the different types of carpets in his shop. After spending time with his family I felt more prepared in making a decision on what to purchase not just for myself, but for my loved ones too. Having something of value to pass down isn’t always easy to find but he made it easy for me.

As he shared with his new friends what he was excited about, they took advantage of collecting these heirlooms for their self and their family members. I watched more carpets leave his store than you could ever imagine. I saw carpets that I really wanted that other people purchased before I could get my hands off my camera. It was a fun night filled with friends and great food.

If you are looking for a great way to show your appreciation to someone stop by Vedat’s store and he will help you pick something out for the right occasion. You can also send him an email and he can send you some pictures as an option. I promise you won’t be disappointed and you will be happy you were able to make a new friend.


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