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Open water adventure

My adventure started in the beginning of the week when I signed up for a scuba diving class. The PADI certification opens the door to many adventures allowing you to carry on your diving education and experience.  The course consisted of two days of class room instruction and two nights diving in a pool. We learned about safety rules, techniques, and other skills needed to survive while diving.

Our instructor and his wife teamed up and shared stories of their dives as they built my dream and inspired me to further my diving skills, knowledge and education. He helped me develop the confidence and comfort in what he taught and I felt ready to conquer a fear of going further than twelve feet.

After the class instruction, our class headed to the Mediterranean to dive and practice what we had learned. The water averaged eighty-six degrees at fourth feet and eighty-four degrees at sixty feet. I was nervous at first but as we dove further toward the bottom, I realized there was nothing to worry about. The water was clear and the aquatic life was great for a beginning diver, where there were fish at  a variety of sizes and we even spotted an octopus hiding in a hole. It was exciting exploring the open waters and venturing at different depths. It was cool learning how to breathe and control our depth. Although this was a relaxing sight-seeing underwater adventure, I was starving after our last dive for the day.

After the dives we grabbed some food and relaxed. Our instructor and his wife shared more stories and pictures with us. I was amazed at the places he and his wife had been together and the pictures they shared. I thought it was pretty awesome to see a couple doing something they loved and giving others the opportunity to join in the experience. I wanted to learn more and became more motivated about this new found adventure. I made some new friends that enjoyed this trip just as much. We were so excited that we signed up for the next class as soon as we made it back home.

If you are looking for a new adventure give scuba diving a shot. My experience was awesome and now I feel like I’m hooked. As I stated before, I have already signed up for the next level of diving and plan on checking out some caves and a ship wreck next month.

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Vatican City

This was truly a treat and breath-taking. I hope the pictures will speak for their self. The tour consisted of the St. Peters church, the Vatican Museum, Sistine Chapel  that has some of the most amazing Michelangelo painting on the ceiling (pictures and talking is forbidden), and the gift shops.

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My trip started as I flew thirty-five thousand feet above the earth, next to a couple traveling from South Africa. they inspired me because they were accompanied by their children. The husband shared with me their journey and the path they were on during their exciting stretch toward Europe.  We talked about a variety of things but what we were truly excited about was  the Eternal City.

As I landed my heart grew with anticipation not just to explore the unknown of Rome, but to experience my journey with the love of my life. This adventure was meant to be a first time experience for both of us and Rome gave us all that we expected.

*** Some things you should expect while in Rome are beautiful well-preserved basilicas, great food and wine and crazy drivers. I have never been to a city where there were so many motor bikes and scooters that they almost took over the city. The local hospitality was unlike any place I had been. People were rude, impatient and arrogant. Along all the tourist places lurked aggressive street venders that developed a paranoid look out for the police because of their over aggressive sales pitch. *** I say that because you should know what to expect while in Rome.

Even though there was cultural diversity to overcome, we still managed to have the time of our life. We learned how to conquer  the metro system in the first two days. Rome has so many places to see that you need to either have lots of Euro for taxis, a scooter or car, or learn how to ride the metro. We did all the above minus the taxi route. One day we probably walked five plus miles and ate our weight in pasta to keep from passing out in the heat. The pizza was unlike anything I had ever tasted and it was absolutely amazing. The pasta was made al dente with deep rich flavors that made your mouth water as you feasted along the sites of Rome. Meals were complemented by bottled water with or without gas and great wine.

Our first tour started at night where we saw the lights of Rome and visited the coliseum, Vatican cities St. Peters Basilica, Trevi Fountain, the city center, then ending the night with a dinner while watching two professional performers sing opera.  The most memorable of that tour took place at the fountain where our guide explained that you should stand with your back to the fountain with a coin in the left hand and throw it over your right shoulder. One coin means you would come back to Rome, two coins means you would find love and get married, three coins would lead to divorce.  My love stood with her back to the fountain and tossed her coin. I tossed my coin as she took my picture. While she took in the view I reached down in my bag and presented her a ring and asked her to spend the rest of her life with me.  We were surrounded by people who let out a harmonious awwweee as she allowed me to place the ring on her finger. That made the trip worth taking. Now I have a partner for life that can join in on the adventures. I took over six-hundred pictures on this trip so the next blog will be dedicated to the Vatican City by its self.

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Next rendezvous

I’m very excited about my next trip!  “The Eternal City” is a place I have been waiting to visit for a very long time. For this weekend’s adventures I will be accompanied by someone special that I am even more excited to share my dreams and adventures with. She and I will experience the ambiance, cuisine, and sweet nectars from the vine.  Stay tuned for the pictures………….



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