Open water adventure

My adventure started in the beginning of the week when I signed up for a scuba diving class. The PADI certification opens the door to many adventures allowing you to carry on your diving education and experience.  The course consisted of two days of class room instruction and two nights diving in a pool. We learned about safety rules, techniques, and other skills needed to survive while diving.

Our instructor and his wife teamed up and shared stories of their dives as they built my dream and inspired me to further my diving skills, knowledge and education. He helped me develop the confidence and comfort in what he taught and I felt ready to conquer a fear of going further than twelve feet.

After the class instruction, our class headed to the Mediterranean to dive and practice what we had learned. The water averaged eighty-six degrees at fourth feet and eighty-four degrees at sixty feet. I was nervous at first but as we dove further toward the bottom, I realized there was nothing to worry about. The water was clear and the aquatic life was great for a beginning diver, where there were fish at  a variety of sizes and we even spotted an octopus hiding in a hole. It was exciting exploring the open waters and venturing at different depths. It was cool learning how to breathe and control our depth. Although this was a relaxing sight-seeing underwater adventure, I was starving after our last dive for the day.

After the dives we grabbed some food and relaxed. Our instructor and his wife shared more stories and pictures with us. I was amazed at the places he and his wife had been together and the pictures they shared. I thought it was pretty awesome to see a couple doing something they loved and giving others the opportunity to join in the experience. I wanted to learn more and became more motivated about this new found adventure. I made some new friends that enjoyed this trip just as much. We were so excited that we signed up for the next class as soon as we made it back home.

If you are looking for a new adventure give scuba diving a shot. My experience was awesome and now I feel like I’m hooked. As I stated before, I have already signed up for the next level of diving and plan on checking out some caves and a ship wreck next month.

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2 thoughts on “Open water adventure

  1. Katina

    Okay………………..I really wasn’t interested but it does look fun. I think you should’ve included the part about your camera being destroyed lol 😉

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