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Fethyie Scuba Adventure

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Fethyie is a beautiful city located on the west coast of Turkey between the metropolis of Marmaris and Antalya. Known for the clean and clear waters, I found myself experiencing the surrounding towns and breathtaking scenes as I prepared for a two-day dive adventure. Before the dive a buddy took me to a town called Saklikent.

This is a natural gorge of cold mountain water where people enjoy tubing and rafting. The food along the stream and the relaxing atmosphere is idea for starting a mini vacation. After a day of relaxing we checked out some of the other areas the surrounding town has to offer. Fethyie offers a wide range of dive site for all experience levels. I was impressed with what I saw and plan on going back to check out some of the other sites. The visibility was incredible and the crew was very helpful. I made two videos to share my experience of the ship wreck and the Three Tunnels. We did two recreational dives due to the water getting a little choppy and that wasn’t so bad as well. Check out

And book a trip! Enjoy the pics and video’s and please leave comments below.

Check back to see the ship wreck video, it will be in the video section in the top right corner!!

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The Ship Wreck video

Here is the footage of the ship wreck we went through:

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Better visibility made a great weekend

This adventure started the day I rented a doblo mini-van for the weekend while being accompanied by dive buddies and friends. I mention the doblo mini-van because it was the first time I drove a manual shift van on the autobahn where other cars challenged my authority. This vehicle has a max speed at sixty MPH and shakes while trying to get it there, anyway enough about the doblo.

The van was packed and we headed away to check out the ship wreck and cave from the previous week. The caption promised us better visibility this time and more fun. The site was about a thirty minute boat ride from a town called Tasucu. The scenery was something out of a magazine and the weather was awesome. I love meeting new people and the people I met shared their stories from other dives they had accomplished in other parts of the world. As soon as we arrived at our dive spot he was dead on and the waters were fairly calm.

The ship dive was very nice and the waters were about 80 degrees at 75 feet. My instructor had us perform some of our last skills so we could get certified as an open water advanced diver. After the skills were complete we took a swim around and through the ship. The video will show more details on what we saw.

After we surfaced, the ship’s crew prepared us a meal fit for a king and we relaxed and played in the water until everyone was ready for the next dive.The next dive took place not too far from the ship. This was something I was excited about because I was going to get to see more of the cave……so I thought. The swim to the cave was clear and the visibility was 25 to 30 feet. When we arrived at the cave we were paired up and given the opportunity to go in with the dive guide. I was excited because I was able to go in first. The first time we went into the cave it wasn’t too bad, but other divers checked it out and stirred the water up.

As we entered the cave the water was clear and I was able to take some video of the red fish that were along the walls of the cave. As we explored further the water began to cloud up and the dive guide suggested that we head out. I was a tad disappointed that we didn’t go deeper, but there were other divers that wanted to go as well. After everyone that wanted to go into the cave had a chance to check out the cave we made our way back to the boat. Along the way I was able to film some pretty interesting things and practice my buoyancy control.

Once we arrived on the boat, I overheard one the divers tell another why he didn’t want to go into the cave. Apparently when we went in we scared a six-foot shark that was hanging out in there. I was to busy checking out the little fish to see the big fish…. all I saw was the silt it kicked up creating terrible visibility for everyone. He told us that it took off and went behind the other diver while me and the guide were looking at the fish. Even though no one else saw it, I believe him because the video I shot shows something big kicking up silt. I was mad that I didn’t see it….

The weekend was great and the company was just as good. I look forward to my next dive and weekend adventure. I have a tentative plan to check out another part of Turkey that is promised to deliver better visibility and more aquatic life. Thanks for keeping up with my blog. Check out the pictures and the videos.

Here is the first video:

Here is the teaser for the movie I will post next week:

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Advanced Open water !

Hello everyone! I have been busy with work and school. Although I have midterms this week I decided that I would relieve some stress before my test and check out a ship wreck and some underwater caves. Here is a preview of what is to come as I have another dive scheduled for next week. The video is shot with the GoPro Hero I just picked up. I have more videos that I will edit and pictures as well. I want to wait until next week to post them due to murky visibility. Next week the visibility should be better and I hope to share more pictures and videos. Until then, enjoy your weekend and I’ll see you at the next adventure! Check out the VIDEO ! ! !

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