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Another day in the soup

Here is a video I did with an open water class just to get some more dives under my belt and  try out some of my new equipment. check it out and let me know what you think!

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Shopping in Turkey

September has been a relaxed month. I decided to check out the local attractions in Adana, Mersin, yumurtalik, Katatas, and some smaller surrounding towns. Although I have made purchases all over Turkey I figured I’d rely on my local community to meet my holiday needs. I did some shopping where I compared prices and quality of some merchandise to discover there are some really good deals out there.

Due to the fact that I will leave Turkey soon I did my Christmas shopping early this year, I also bought some birthday gifts and other trinkets that I wanted. While shopping in Turkey you have to be very careful where you shop and pay close attention to the items you purchase.

**TIP** I prefer to shop in an area where the community uses local currency. From what I have found I discovered the merchandise to be considerably more affordable using local currency. You don’t have to worry about converting currency or getting ripped off as much when you use the local currency.

While shopping in the markets around Turkey you will notice shops often do not post their prices. Negotiation is a form of bargaining and an expected exchange in the market world, where in traditional malls the prices are pretty much set…….but not always in stone.

***TIP*** I avoid places where I don’t find anyone from the local community shopping and where the only quoted prices are in other currencies. From what I have discovered, the prices are inflated and twice what you would pay in the local markets, not to mention the products all come from the same place. I highly suggest that you shop around before you make any purchase, you will be glad you did.

***TIP***  Don’t let anyone lead you believe the quality is any different because the resources all come from the same place. Shop keepers often try to befriend you to gain you as a loyal customer while at the same time charging you a price they think you can afford verses what the item is actually worth. Please don’t be fooled……… business is business and friends are friends.

Prices and quality vary from low to high and there are some true diamonds in the rough. You have to be willing to get out and explore to find what you’re looking for.  Apply this principle to anything in Turkey.

Some items I’d suggest looking at while in Turkey would be but not limited to:

Carpets: handmade, silk, traditional

Woodwork crafts: puzzle boxes, chests, hand crafted furniture, ect.

Jewelry: gold, silver, turquoise ect.

Tailor made clothing: suites, dresses, ties, ect.

Next time you’re in Turkey shop till you drop and have fun !

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