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$40 a day, Turkish style

Today’s blog is inspired by a show I used to watch on Food Network where Rachel Ray would spend a day in a city with a budget of $40.00 for the day or the equivalent based on the country she was in. I thought that would be a cool concept to follow and decided that my last blog would be spent in the city of Adana with the idea of spending the same.
My trip started with at a cafe where I enjoyed a Turkish coffee. For those coffee lovers, Turkish coffee is very strong and comes in a little cup, but don’t let the size fool you for 3,50TL the taste is very concentrated and the power behind it packs a super punch. Coffee and tea are two drinks the Turkish community enjoys throughout the day, which is apart of the culture and social life.
For lunch I ventured to the mall in pursuit of a red shirt I planned on wearing on my return trip home in the U.S. After looking around for what seemed to be the impossible I worked up an appetite and decided it was lunch time. One of my favorite dishes is called manti. It’s a pasta with minced meat inside and a yogurt sauce married with garlic and spices. Turkey is famous for the kabob, but if your in the mood for traditional food you can find that as well. The drink I washed this lovely meal down with was called Ayran, which is a type of yogurt drink that goes down smooth when its ice cold. 9TL I was full and ready to find my shirt. After lunch I sat out on a balcony overlooking the cityscape and enjoyed some cay 4,50TL. I realized something that I already knew about myself…….I could make this a way of life and be content with myself. Going in to an office and spending half your day there just doesn’t seem like a productive way to go through life.
After lunch and cay I was able to find the shirt I was looking for and returned to my room after a long afternoon of shopping.
Later that evening a buddy and I set out to the center of town to grab dinner and a few drinks. I had two Mariachi beers that went well with four savory kabob skewers suspended over potatoes and fresh greens from a cast iron rack . The name of this dish was called swinging meat…. If your hungry, I’d say try the swinging meat 50TL.
To cap the night off we hit a place called Mado for desert. I had tiramisu with coffee 14,50TL , this was the perfect way to end the night and I felt like I got my monies worth out of the day. If this was my everyday life I would need to start a new blog about gym routines to keep you in shape after eating like royalty. Total for the day was 81,50TL ($45.00USD), not bad for a day out on the town. I think this was a fun concept to put into action and will try this again in the near future. I am now signing off from Turkey. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for my future adventures from the states.

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Feast of the Sacrifice’s Eve (Kurban Bayramı Arifesi)

My time is trickling down in Turkey and although it’s heartbreaking to leave, I look forward to the future. I ‘ve made some lifetime friends that have shared their lives and extended their hospitality. I will take away the warm hearts and sincere welcome I received while living here. For those who know me, you know that I have a passion for food. Every place I go I base a lot on the cuisine and atmosphere. I decided from the first day I started writing that I would save the best for last.

Turkey is a culture that can live off the earth, and because of the geographical location they have an advantage many other countries do not have. The ability to plant, grow and harvest many times throughout the year provides fresh produce to the Turkish communities and restaurants. The soil is so rich that you can taste the freshness in every bite and appreciate the hard work and dedication of those who cultivate the fields every day.

I spent time with a good friend whose family open their home to me. They sacrificed a sheep in the spirit of the Turksh holiday bayrami.
I enjoyed spending time with friends, going to other homes to celebrate this holiday and gaining an experiance for the memory books.

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Snake Castle

This is a place me and a buddy went to check out the ruins. This was quite a hike and fun to see the view of the city from an elevated approach.

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Yılankale, Yilan, Ilan-kale, Shah-Meran Kale(Kurdish) or Castle of the Snakes is a large medieval crusader castle located east of Adana in modern Turkey, built on a rocky hill overlooking the east bank of the Ceyhan river. Its medieval name is unknown – the current name “Castle of the Snakes” is either due to a Turkish legend in which it belongs to the king of the snakes (Youngs 1965), or according to its Kurdish name it rather refers to the carving of a figure holding a sceptre, mistaken for a snake, above the main gateway (T. S. R. Boase et al., 1978) and its construction and use are associated with Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia. (Wikipedia)

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Dakota C-47

Here is the footage from my trip to Bodrum Turkey where we visited a plane wreck.

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Paradise Found Bodrum !

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I found this dive center while doing some research on the internet. I feel lucky because this was a very exclusive and all-inclusive scuba trip that was handled by the most professional staff I have worked with to date. We dove for two days and enjoyed the sites as new friendships were formed. I would recommend this to anyone looking for all levels of diving. The team that runs the center is very educated and fun to dive with. I met people from all over that came to Bodrum to experience the great weather, warm waters and outstanding visibility.

We dove for two days and went to a ship wreck and small reef the first day. On the second day we went to a Plane wreck (Dakota C-47 from WWII) and another reef that had clay pots and some pretty interesting rock formations. This was just the tip of the iceberg as what this center had to offer.

Book your trip soon !:

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