$40 a day, Turkish style

Today’s blog is inspired by a show I used to watch on Food Network where Rachel Ray would spend a day in a city with a budget of $40.00 for the day or the equivalent based on the country she was in. I thought that would be a cool concept to follow and decided that my last blog would be spent in the city of Adana with the idea of spending the same.
My trip started with at a cafe where I enjoyed a Turkish coffee. For those coffee lovers, Turkish coffee is very strong and comes in a little cup, but don’t let the size fool you for 3,50TL the taste is very concentrated and the power behind it packs a super punch. Coffee and tea are two drinks the Turkish community enjoys throughout the day, which is apart of the culture and social life.
For lunch I ventured to the mall in pursuit of a red shirt I planned on wearing on my return trip home in the U.S. After looking around for what seemed to be the impossible I worked up an appetite and decided it was lunch time. One of my favorite dishes is called manti. It’s a pasta with minced meat inside and a yogurt sauce married with garlic and spices. Turkey is famous for the kabob, but if your in the mood for traditional food you can find that as well. The drink I washed this lovely meal down with was called Ayran, which is a type of yogurt drink that goes down smooth when its ice cold. 9TL I was full and ready to find my shirt. After lunch I sat out on a balcony overlooking the cityscape and enjoyed some cay 4,50TL. I realized something that I already knew about myself…….I could make this a way of life and be content with myself. Going in to an office and spending half your day there just doesn’t seem like a productive way to go through life.
After lunch and cay I was able to find the shirt I was looking for and returned to my room after a long afternoon of shopping.
Later that evening a buddy and I set out to the center of town to grab dinner and a few drinks. I had two Mariachi beers that went well with four savory kabob skewers suspended over potatoes and fresh greens from a cast iron rack . The name of this dish was called swinging meat…. If your hungry, I’d say try the swinging meat 50TL.
To cap the night off we hit a place called Mado for desert. I had tiramisu with coffee 14,50TL , this was the perfect way to end the night and I felt like I got my monies worth out of the day. If this was my everyday life I would need to start a new blog about gym routines to keep you in shape after eating like royalty. Total for the day was 81,50TL ($45.00USD), not bad for a day out on the town. I think this was a fun concept to put into action and will try this again in the near future. I am now signing off from Turkey. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for my future adventures from the states.

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