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Day at the pier

Spending a day at the pier beats spending a day at work.









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All the stress goes away with sunsets like these.

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I saw a school of stingrays cruising by as I was strolling along the beach.


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My postcard

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A shot at Mexico Beach


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Only in America

Although I enjoy traveling the world, there’s no place like home, and there’s no place like America. My return to the states started off as a long day of flying and layovers. Fourteen hours of flying and eleven hours of layover time didn’t make a very comfortable trip. The anticipation of getting home didn’t make things any easier. When the wheels of the super jumbo air bus touched the ground it was such a relief to be back on familiar soil. As we walked through the terminal we were greeted by a crew of veterans that threw us a welcoming home party that was unexpected. They had goody bags with treats and provided toiletries for us to freshen up from the long flight. We were provided shuttle service at no expense to get showers and quite rooms to rest before connecting flights. The United Service Organization (USO) at Baltimore Washington International (BWI) is truly was a blessing and knew what the men and Women that are serving their nation needed to make their homecoming great.
After a few hours of waiting on my connecting flight, I overheard an applause and ovation coming from a departing flights gate as new solders were on their way to serve their country….. It brought a great sense of pride to see our people standing behind our team of heroes.
As for me, I made it home and was greeted by the love of my life. I’m ready for our new adventures together, as well as ready to share them with all of you.

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