Top five suggestions going into the next year

This has been a great year. I traveled all over the world and had the opportunity to make new friends, network with some intriguing people and spend time with some loved ones. Based on my travels I’d like to make some suggestions of how to make next year better and more productive than this year.

1) Set some goals: Regardless of where your interests lay you need to set some goals with specific dates of when you plan on accomplishing those goals. Try short-term (90 day) goals to get you started and on track, then build on what you have.
2) Do something different next year than what you did this year: Break your routine and research one new place that will stretch your imagination. Commit to visiting that new place.
3) If you have been traveling alone, take someone with you: The most exciting moment can be watching others enjoy the freedom to travel the same way you do. You may start a new trend and tradition.
4) Take plenty of pictures: Take more pictures that what you normally take. It’s often that extra shot that ends up being the shot you need.
5) Keep steady and don’t quit: Life is a journey and not a destination. You never know how your persistence is going to help enhance another’s life.

I often tell myself “it only gets better from here.” Every year has been better than the last and next year I have an ever higher expectation in my travels. I look forward to hearing from you and reading m ore about your adventures.

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