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Photo challenge from the beach

Photo challenge from the beach.

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Photo challenge from the grill

This weeks photo challenge comes from the grill. I prepared some succulent lamb tenderloins with a veggie medley paired with some chipotle cheese and a red wine. The tenderloin was prepared with some olive oil, pepper, garlic salt, then a sweet and smoky rub. The rub has a sweet cinnamon base to it with a smokey paprika flare. I soaked some apple wood chips in water for about five/ten minuets while the coals charred to a glow . The set up on the grill was indirect so the heat and smoke could penetrate the meat while preserving the tenderness and flavor. After adding the chips to the grill I set the meat indirectly in the grill and let it go until the juices ran to a slight pink, then let it rest before digging in. Once it was done the taste took me back to Mediterranean. The snapp peas, sautéed peppers and onions along with the wine and cheese was a perfect marriage for this feast. If your looking for a meal to prepare on the weekend give this a try.
Here is the grocery list:
Lamb tenderloins
Snap peas
Bell peppers
Baby red potatoes
Red onions
McCormick sweet and smoky rub, or make your own
Chipotle cheese or something mildly spicy
Your favorite red wine

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