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The Whole New Us!

I took a little break since my last post and now I’m back! As you all know I got married to the love of my life last year in June, and since then, we’ve had some adventures in bringing six kids together over a summer, getting some settled into a new school, and learning how to blend as a family. So what adventure can I tell you about? In the last thirty days (starting 1 Jan) my wife and I decided to participate in the whole 30 challenge:

In a nutshell we cleaned up our eating habits by cutting out processed foods such as sugars, dairy, beans, anything with alcohol, breads and a few other foods people tend to love. We replaced them with whole foods that are natural and unprocessed such as veggies, grass feed meats, fruits, nuts and healthy fats. My goal in this challenge was to find out how my body would react or respond to the change in tailoring the things I consumed. I considered myself a pretty healthy eater prior to taking this challenge and was already adopting a Paleo eating style as well as exercising regularly. We slowly changed our kids over to some of the recipes to see how they would like the dishes and they scarfed the food down and loved it.

The first few days of cutting carbs and tossing out all junk food weren’t bad. One thing we both noticed after about three days was a slight decrease in energy and that we snacked a lot throughout the day prior to starting this. What helped us get through this challenge was preparation. We made sure we had all the right foods at our disposal as well as removing the temptations…….so out with the chips and in with more nuts, and fruits. I pre-seasoned all our meats for the week and grilled them on Sunday, then portioned them over the course of the week. I used a crock pot each week to cook greens, and soups to ensure things didn’t get redundant. I have a passion for food and love to cook, so I truly embraced taking the challenge.

After a week of eating clean, we noticed our body began to purge itself through bowel movements to the point for me I was unsure if I wanted to continue the challenge. I know it may not be something glamorous to discuss, but it’s very important for me to point this out because this was a pivotal point for me in this program. What I realized was my body began to purge and dump toxins because the foods we were eating were healthier for us. A few days of cleansing, we felt better and our energy started to climb to new heights.

As we progressed through the program I rediscovered a new love for creating wonderful meals that my family enjoyed. The group I was a part of kept me motivated by posting pictures on Facebook and testimonials of the trials they were facing, as well as how they worked to overcome them.

With ten days left, I had lots of energy, a happy digestion system; I could tell I was losing weight because those old jeans fit more comfy then before. The idea of taking on a challenge became more of a lifestyle change, and we decided we were going to keep going past the 30 day mark. I will post our Bod Pod results and more pictures at the end of our 90 days. Here are a few meals and dishes we made along our way.

The last two pictures are a part of the reintroduction phase of the whole30.

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