Fishing story……”saltlife”style

Fishing story

Everyone should have a good fishing story, so here is one of mine…..
I set out with the intention of targeting blacktip sharks, so I grabbed my fish trap to catch some bait and my (secret weapon) ten foot rod. I fished a warmup fishing hole to calibrate my gear and catch some bait. After I caught a trap full of pinfish, I headed to a spot where I knew I could land a big one. When I pulled up, I noticed people in my favorite fishing hole. I figured if I went over and engaged in some casual conversation, they would welcome me to fish in the same spot, and without question they made their first mistake. I set up to the east of them, where all the fish were entering the bay. Since all the sharks in the water were running, the smaller fish in this area would be trapped then the sharks would have a feeding frenzy. The guys fishing this spot didn’t realize I was cutting them off by taking this position. They caught some small bait and were having some success, but I had a feeling I was about to get what I was after and be on my way.

As I sat there one guy got a huge tug on his line and as he began to reel in his catch the line buckled and he drug in a catfish head with the bait he was using in its mouth. Everyone around was pretty amazed because of the excitement, but he was disappointed because he lost a potential good catch. As we began to get over the humor of the situation my line began dragging and the fight was about to be on. I fought and fought for a few minuets for the shark to realize it was going to lose. Now for those who don’t know, if you plan on keeping a shark to eat you have to field dress it right away or let it go. I grabbed my smith and Wesson knife and began gutting this soon to be dinner. After I finished dressing the shark out I was a tad curious to see what it had been feasting on. As I squeezed the stomach a half piece of catfish came out. The guy next to me didn’t seem to be as amused as I was to discover the other portion of what he lost. After his friends laughed at him and we got over the excitement, I decided that I wouldn’t waste the new free bait and cut that up and tossed it back out there.

Minutes later, the catfish proved itself to be the bait of choice and I landed another blacktip for the freezer. As I broke down my setup, I thanked the fellas for letting me join them and headed home. I don’t think they were very excited to see me for the short period of time I was out there considering they had been out there all day. Thanks for reading and here are some pics from that weekend adventure.

Almost had the bait

Almost had the bait

First catch

First catch

Look at what's inside

Look at what’s inside

Two blacktips

Fish from my warmup spot

Fish from my warmup spot


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