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That’s My Boy !

My son is overcoming his shyness on the mats while learning Brazilian Jujitsu in the community of Georgetown TX. He is very eager and excited about what he is learning. His confidence has increased as well as his discipline to become a better student. As a proud Father I wanted to share his recent victory with all of you. If you are in the Georgetown area and you’re looking for a place your child can learn about the martial arts, try


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Getting ready for a Panama City summer in Florida!

Although the last few weeks have been busy (school)I have managed to get out to shoot some new material. I have a bunch of new adventures from fishing, paintball shooting sprees, sailing on sunset cruises and many more to come. I checked out a paintball field where my son’s and I can go and shoot each other.I also figured this would be a great activity for my coworkers to let of some steam and fire a few rounds at their supervisors.

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The temperature is starting to ramp up and we need to make sure we are ready for some adventures in and around the Florida area. Here are some shots that I have taken.

I look forward to sharing this weekend’s adventure with you as well

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Planning for the big move

Hello everyone! I’ve been really busy over the last two weeks moving into my house, getting readjusted to my new job, new surroundings and did I mention I’m taking a managerial applied statistics class……….. This all sounds like fun stuff right. I’m looking forward to this year’s journey and many strategic adventures. There are going to be a few changes with me tying the knot and gaining some new valued members to the weekend getaway warrior team. I’m very excited about the growth and momentum flowing into this year and the ideas for this year’s blog and focus.

This year I plan on focusing on the family. I want an emphasis on the aspects of planning for and with a large family; from taking trips to planning out some minor / “major” excursions. We all have a budget on time and money so I also plan on sharing some tricks on how to find time and the finances to make our dreams come true.

I’m excited and plan on writing a series of how to’s and where to’s from the travel perspective, in addition to discovering more of what I don’t know. Last year was awesome and it only gets better from here! I want to interact and correspond with all my readers as much as possible this year so please don’t be shy. I also plan on bringing some new flava to you in the form of food from around the world. I looooove to cook and I will be throwing down in my backyard as well as in a variety of places from camp sites to beach fronts.

Stay tuned and leave me comments. I look forward to seeing you on the next weekend getaway.

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Deep in the heart of Texas!

This weekend I decided to surprise my daughter for her birthday. She turned the big nine and over the last few years I have missed her actual birthday, so I decided that I’d surprise her along with my other two. My
When I arrived at my destination my oldest knew I was coming but the two youngest had no clue. While they were at jujitsu and gymnastics practice I took pictures and waited for them to discover that I was there. When my son saw me he ran toward me and leaped into my arms squeezing me tight giving me a big hug. When my youngest daughter saw me she acted shy and like she wasn’t sure who I was until her class was over than she followed suit like her brother.
Family is a very important part of my life and I was glad that I could be there on my daughters birthday as well my other two, my father, sister, and the rest of my family. Although the military keeps me on the go, I do the best to make time for the family that means the world to me.









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